15 funny cat photos that brightened our day
Funny felines are the best thing on the Internet.

Cats are great. Well, they’re a little evil sometimes too. But the cuteness and silliness more than make up for it.

The internet is mostly built on our love of all things felines, so we know you clicked here to get some good photos.

So without further adieu:

1. 5-star review of ridiculousness

If you’ve tried making something work without reading instructions, you’ll find this cat extremely relatable. I guess it doesn’t matter how it’s done. The most important thing is that he was able to get his food, even if it was in an awkward way.

2. Self-care kitty

This cat is the BBF you need. Even when you need some “me” time, it’ll be right there, working on living its best life too.

3. A cozy lap

Most cats like sleeping on people’s laps. This one, however, has an unusual preference. He finds this statue’s lap really comfortable.

4. Gimmie some love

Cats really like it whenever their fur gets rubbed. Just take a look at this adorable cat. He spotted a chance and he took it!

5. The good life

We often wonder what cats do whenever there’s no one home. I guess this is the answer.

6. What be this creature?

These cats look quite unsure about that tiny creature. It must have been their first time to hear a tiny human cry.

7. Casual chaos

Cats don’t have any sense of order. They will just do whatever they want, even if it leaves them in total chaos.

8. Awww

It’ll be hard to separate these two. They’ve made a pact right at that moment their foreheads met.

9. Hey there

This cat wasn’t receiving enough attention from his human. As a solution, he did this. I guess his tactic worked!

10. Epic cat move

Well if you don’t eat the raw dead birds he brings, this is the next logical step.

When a cat gives you something, it’s a sign that he adores you. This woman is probably extra special for this cat. He didn’t just bring her a bird, but a cooked (and still warm!) chicken wing!

11. The dog is ok

Contrary to what most people think, not all vampires are afraid of the sunlight. Some of them can very well tolerate the light. Just take this vampire cat as an example. He was able to claim another victim in broad daylight.

12. Feed me

Hungry, angry, cat

I totally understand this cat’s reaction. I’d probably feel the same way if my meal was late.

13. Well, we can’t all be the smartest

My cat got a little stuck…

This cat seems to have missed the point of an open window. Doesn’t he remember how he got out?

14. Strike a pose

Just a cat taking a selfie

Apparently, cats can also take selfies. And based on this photo, they are good at finding their “angle”, too.

15. Terrible towel

Wait till ya try to wash it

This is probably the least effective towel you can buy. It won’t dry wet surfaces and it might even leave cat hair all over your body.


Aren’t pets the best? They’re always making us laugh.

Even when they’re interrupting us, we can’t help but love them.

Want proof?

Scroll down below to watch a hilarious montage of a man’s cats interrupting his yoga practice.

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