10 Simple Stain Removal Techniques Without Washing Clothes

October 22nd, 2018

Let’s face it, stains happen.

And, unfortunately, not all stains are created equal. But there’s no need to fret!

From unexpected ink stains at the office to red wine residues during a night out, we’re sharing 10 simple stain removal techniques to use on the go, without having to wash your clothes.

For best results, always act quickly to avoid the stain from setting. Stains set when chemical bonds are formed into the fabric of the garment, making it nearly impossible to remove.

These 10 simple and practical techniques will help rescue stained clothing and keep clothes looking good as new.

1) Never scrub, always blot

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First things first, to avoid stains from deeply setting into clothes, blot, not scrub, the residue of the stain. Aggressively scrubbing or rubbing can cause the stain to permeate deeper into fabric, making it much more difficult to remove. Always use a clean napkin or cloth to blot stain, with a light hand, removing surface discoloration.

2) Apply table salt to wine stains

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Red wine got the best of your outfit? No problem! Blot excess red wine and apply table salt generously to the merlot stain. Ensure the effected area is completely covered in salt, letting it soak for 5-10 minutes. As the salt dries, it will immediately absorb the burgundy mishap.

3) Remove grease stains using baby powder

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If you’re a parent, this stain removal technique is perfect for you! Blot grease stain to remove excess oil, then apply baby powder liberally, allowing the powder to sit for at least 10 minutes. The molecules of the baby powder are very fine, actively filling gaps between the fibers of clothes and absorbing grease.

4) Scrape away large stains

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Right as you take a bite of your delicious sandwich, mustard makes its way out of the other end. In this case, don’t blot but scrape first. Using a spoon or dinner knife, scrape the heavyset substance of the stain outwards. Try to remove as much excess sauce as possible, so that it doesn’t bond with fabric. Then, proceed to use any of the following stain removal techniques.

5) Use lemon juice to whiten and brighten

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Popsugar Source: Popsugar

This all-natural stain removal technique is economical and effective. Lemons act like a natural bleaching agent, so they work especially well on white clothing. Squeeze lemon juice over a stained white garment and let dry to brighten and whiten clothing.

6) Use rubbing alcohol to remove ink stains

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About to take a big meeting and notice an ink stain? Don’t panic. Rubbing alcohol is an effective way to eliminate ink stains from clothes. Use a clean cloth and dip it into rubbing alcohol, blotting the stain away. Within just a few minutes, the ink will begin to dissolve and lift from fabric. Rubbing alcohol is quite accessible, commonly found in first aid kits at offices, restaurants, and other public areas.

7) Remove wine stains with club soda

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Another way to treat a red wine stain is with club soda. A bit more acidic that water, club soda works great for breaking down the burgundy dyes in red wine. First, use a clean cloth to blot and absorb excess liquid, then splash club soda over the stain. Apply the salt treatment, shared above, to maximize results.

8) Tackle sweat stains with white vinegar

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Borgy Source: Borgy

We all sweat, and some garments are more reactive to perspiration. Use undiluted white vinegar to treat unsightly sweat stains. The neutralizing acid in the white vinegar plays a key role in removing sweat from clothing. Simply apply vinegar directly onto stain, and gently blot.

9) Treat blood stains with cold water

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The Spruce Source: The Spruce

From small cuts to nosebleeds, blood stains are common occurrences. Treat a blood stain by pouring cold water immediately over the stain to avoid setting and permanent discoloration. Remember to use cold water, not hot water, as the heat can cause blood to seep deeper into fabric.

10) Apply shaving cream to stubborn stains

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Use shaving cream to break down stubborn stains such as coffee, mustard, or makeup. Apply a dab of shaving cream to the effected area, and let it the foam sit for a few minutes. The foamy nature of the shaving cream can lift stains from coarse fabrics and threads.

Stains aren’t avoidable, but with these 10 simple stain removal techniques, you’re now fully equipped to tackle any garment mishap like a pro.

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